Accommodation for Female Students -- לינה לסטודנטיות במחיר מציאה

Accommodation for Female Students

Dear student,

I have a large and fully-furnished room in the Bavli neighborhood (close to the university) offered for a special and fair price of NIS 2500 per month including all taxes!

The room comes with all the ancillary services – furniture, personal mini refrigerator, air conditioner, and washing machine.

The room is in a 4-room apartment, located on the 5th floor (out of 6) at 2 Ha-Rav Herzog st. Tel Aviv.

For details please contact Reli +972-523216650

להשכרה - חדר מרוהט ומאובזר (מזגן, מיני מקרר, מכונת כביסה) בדירת 4 חדרים, קומה 5 מתוך 6 ברחוב הרצוג 2, תל אביב

מחיר: 2500 ש"ח לחודש 



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