The buddy system


The Buddy System is a student-to-student program developed by the International Affairs office of the TAU Student Union in order to unite its Israeli and international students.  The program is run by a board of Israeli students, all of whom have been awarded scholarships by the Student Union in order to match International students with their Israeli peers and plan events, lectures, volunteering, and trips for both groups.  By giving students the opportunity to build relationships with Israelis, often times within the same faculty of study, the Buddy System hopes to better connect its international students to the culture and people of Israel 

The biggest question: WHY?

We know what you're thinking: why do I need a buddy?  You are an adult, you have your program coordinator to help you, and you will figure things out for yourself. 

The Tel Aviv Buddy System is simply here to make things easier for you! Think of your Israeli buddy as a personal guidebook to Israel.  Which grocery store has the best deals? Where can I buy lunch on campus? Which stands at the Carmel Shouk (market) have the best fruits and vegetables? And most importantly, what buses do I take and how do I buy a pass? 

The Buddy System can help you adjust to a new country, language, and lifestyle—by connecting you to your Israeli peers.  They can show you the best spots on campus to get your work done and the best spots in Tel Aviv to drink away the stress. 

Will I meet students from other international programs? 

The Buddy System plans our events with everyone in mind.  Our parties, trips, volunteering, and lectures are open to all international programs and Israelis.  We want to give you a calendar of unique activities outside of your academic program that interest you and allow you to meet other students with similar interests. 

How do I get one? 

There are a few different ways to get involved with the Buddy System: 

-Before or just following your arrival in Israel, your coordinator will send you the contact information of your buddy.

-During your program's orientation, representatives from the Buddy System will give a presentation—you can sign up with them to get your buddy!

-We are always on campus, whether we're signing you in at the Orientation Tent or sitting at the Mitchell Student Union building; we'd love to get to know you and match you up with an Israeli student! 

How can I stay involved? 

All of our activities, events, and updates can be found on our Facebook page, "TAU Buddy System."  Look for our Weekly Update emails from your program coordinator. We want to hear from you—we're always looking for student representatives from each program!  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or want to represent your program on the Buddy System, email us at:

Join the Buddy System:

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